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PWM controllers & resonant controllers – Design & development

36V-72V DC input, 12V/200W active clamp forward reference design

This reference design generates a 12V/16A output from a standard 48V DC telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.

20W 3-phase E-meter flyback reference design

This reference design was created especially for E-meters. It provides two isolated outputs (6V and 24V) from a 3-phase input.

6V-42V input, 12V/5A SEPIC converter reference design

This reference design is a wide-input SEPIC converter designed for automotive applications.

AC/DC buck converter reference design

This compact board design is an AC/DC buck converter with 85V AC – 318V AC Input and 15V at 0.8A Output.