Hardware development

Hardware development

Your fastest, simplest track to development

Maximize your time and resources at every stage of the design and development process with our ecosystem of validated and tested hardware kits and boards.  Rapidly prototype and iterate on your designs and remove the barriers between concept to production. Simply plug in your TI board and go. 

Benefits of developing with TI hardware


Board for every device

No matter your requirements, we have boards to help evaluate and develop your design.


Expandable systems

Modular and affordable microcontroller and processor kit ecosystems allows you to rapidly evaluate your embedder device based on specific system needs.


Scalable, integrated software

Our hardware kits are designed to work seamlessly with our easy-to-use development environments and software development kits that provide clean code examples and platform scalability.


What is a LaunchPad™ development kit?

Start evaluating our microcontrollers by leveraging a modular ecosystem that gives you flexibility to evaluate the MCUs using a LaunchPad development kit. Choose from a variety of low-cost kits and application-specific BoosterPack™ plug-in modules that further expand the functionality of your design to start developing.  Scalable software tools provide multiple points of entry for programming your LaunchPad development kit.


What is a starter kit?

Our Arm®-based processor starter kits are stand-alone test and development platforms that can be used for accelerating the evaluation and prototype phases of your future designs. These kits include wired and wireless connectivity, expansion headers, multiple boot options and flexible debug capabilities to enable quick assessment. Starter kits also have pre-built software images available for Linux and RTOS, expandable with partner demos, to maximizes design efficiency during and after custom hardware design.

Evaluation boards with the features you need

TI’s analog and embedded evaluation modules (EVMs) provide access to all device features and interfaces to support you from prototyping to production. Additionally, our EVMs feature maximum flexibility to enable you to write software without limitations, while giving you a blueprint to achieve optimal performance. 


Development kits and boards


Reference designs


Partner resources

Find product-specific hardware development tools

Our product pages provide dozens of product-specific tools and resources to help you evaluate, design, develop and get to market faster.