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Buck converters (integrated switch)

2.95-V to 16-V, stackable 40-A synchronous SWIFT™ step-down PMBus® converter with extended security

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 4.49

Boost converters (integrated switch)

5-V, 5-A boost converter with PG and PFM/PWM control

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.6

Power-supply filter ICs

Common-mode active EMI filter for three-phase systems

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.936

Humidity sensors

Automotive 0.5% RH digital humidity sensor with permanent IP67 filter

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2.054

Precision ADCs (<=10MSPS)

24-bit, 512-kSPS wide-bandwidth delta-sigma ADC with programmable IIR and FIR filters

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 7.5

Isolated ADCs

Reinforced isolated modulator with -55C extended temperature range

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 3

23 Mar 2023 | Company blog

Take vehicle safety to the next level with integrated and connected communications protocols.

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