Embedded development hardware kits & boards

Your fastest, simplest track to prototyping

Our cross-compatible portfolio of modular evaluation and development hardware pair perfectly with scalable online and offline software to help you get your products to market faster. From affordable microcontroller hardware development kits (LaunchPads™) to 80+ functional plug-in modules (BoosterPacks™), we have the hardware you need to get your embedded development project off the ground.

Kits for every platform

Our microcontroller-based evaluation modules (LaunchPads) feature built-in emulators for programming & debugging, and start at just $9.99. Additionally, we offer a variety of hardware options to facilitate development with our Sitara ARM processors.

Expandable systems

BoosterPacks are stackable, application-specific plug-in modules that allow you to easily expand the functionality of your LaunchPad to include functions such as capacitive touch, wireless sensing, LED lighting control and more.

Scalable, integrated software

Whether you prefer to work offline or get started in the cloud, we are committed to clean code examples, easy-to-use development environments and platform scalability.

What is a LaunchPad™ Development Kit?

Get started with microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad™ Development Kits from Texas Instruments. Choose from a variety of low-cost kits and BoosterPack plug-in modules. Scalable software tools provide multiple points of entry for programming your LaunchPad kit.

the anatomy of a launchpad MCU EVM

1. USB connector

2. On-board debugger

3. User switches

4. Featured Texas Instruments microcontroller

5. User LEDs

6. On-board connectivity (if applicable) Many kits support wired or wireless connectivity

7. BoosterPack expandability Each kit is supported by plug-in modules for easy system expandability

8. ARM programming connector 

9. EnergyTrace (if applicable) Many TI LaunchPads allow developers to easily measure energy consumption of designs

Explore LaunchPad kits by featured technology

What is a LaunchPad SensorTag Kit?

LaunchPad SensorTag Kits are a fully-enclosed, battery-operated wireless prototyping platform, featuring ready-to-go hardware. You can jumpstart your development with out-of-the-box battery-operation & on-board sensors.

1. Removable silicon sleeve

2. Lanyard loop

3. On-board sensors including temperature, humidity, light, motion and hall effect

4. Power switch, two user buttons and RGB LED

5. Sub-1 GHz SMA antenna supporting TI 15.4-stack or proprietary stacks

6. 2.4 GHz PCB antenna supporting Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread and more

7. SimpleLink multi-band CC1352R wireless MCU

8. I/O and BoosterPack expandability

9. Two AAA battery operation


Stack on BoosterPack™ plug-in modules

booster pack

Application-specific BoosterPack™ plug-in modules allow you to explore a broad range of applications, including capacitive touch, wireless sensing, LED lighting control, and more.

  • More than 80 BoosterPack modules from both Texas Instruments and third parties
  • Available in 20- and 40-pin variants
  • Stack multiple BoosterPack modules onto a single LaunchPad kit to further enhance the functionality of your design


Find compatiblity information for plug-in modules in your chosen LaunchPad's user guide.