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Ultraviolet (UV) - Design & development

Evaluation modules

Develop ultraviolet and 405nm systems for 3D print and digital exposure applications using high speed, flexible evaluation electronics and DMD mounting boards.

DLP Discovery™ 4100

Use this kit to achieve pixel-level control with the DLPC410 controller for high throughput UV light exposure down to 363 nm.

DLP LightCrafter™ 6500

Leverage the DLPC900 controller board from this evaluation module to design additive manufacturing and direct imaging applications using 405 nm light sources. 

DLP LightCrafter™ 9000

Achieve larger print areas and finer feature sizes using over 4 million micromirrors with the DLP9000 and the two DLPC900 controllers. 


Tap into the full TI DLP controller features for pixel-level accuracy and standardized APIs for customized and scalable UV light solutions.

Evaluation module software

EVM software offers a quick start for operating evaluation modules directly out-of-the-box. 

DLP LightCrafter SDK

The DLP LightCrafter software development kit enables software code reuse across multiple DLP LightCrafter controllers including the DLPC900.  

Configuration and support firmware

DLP controller firmware provides full functionality of the DLP chipset to create customized UV light control solutions.

UV optical engines

Production-ready optical modules can accelerate engineering efforts required for industrial ultraviolet and 405 nm applications using DLP technology.  Discover complete DLP light engines from independent 3rd party companies in the DLP Design Network, including those featured below

Supplier: In-Vision (Austria)


  • DLP9000, DLP9000X
  • 380-460 nm

Supplier: ViALUX (Germany)

Star Core

  • DLP7000, DLP6500FLQ
  • 405-700 nm

Supplier: Visitech (Norway)


  • DLP7000UV, DLP9500UV
  • 388 nm