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Ultraviolet TI DLP® Chipsets

Optimized for wavelengths of 355 to 420 nm for digital exposure applications

Ultraviolet (UV) products are ideal for digital exposure applications such as maskless lithography (LDI) for PCB, FPD, substrate panels and 3D printing or additive manufacturing using photosensitive films and resins. These solutions provide precise pixel control combined with flexible data loading and fast pattern rates required for high volume manufacturing.

High throughput

  • Pixel data rates up to 61.1 Gbps
  • Pattern rates up to 32.5 kHz
  • Flexible data loading and sequencing

Optical efficiency

  • Transmission down to 355 nm
  • Low thermal resistance for high power applications
  • Hermetic packages

Fine feature sizes

  • Supports sub-1 um features
  • Resolution greater than 4 million pixels
  • Applications for 3D printing, maskless lithography

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Technical resources

DLP technology enables constant build speeds, resolution and layer thickness control allowing for smooth finished parts with fine feature sizes.

In digital lithography, DLP technology provides high speed and high resolution light patterns to expose photoresist films and other photosensitive materials without using contact masks.

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