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Pushing the boundaries of 4K UHD displays

Product developers can now design DLP® 4K UHD technology into a variety of applications such as laser TVs, mobile smart TVs, digital signage displays, smart home displays, pico projectors, business and education projectors, and more. The chipsets span a wide range of power, size, brightness and performance levels to help designers achieve any 4K UHD end-equipment objective with 8.3 million pixels on the screen.

Optical module manufacturers

Ready to get started with DLP 4K UHD chipsets?  The DLP products ecosystem includes established resources to help the user accelerate the design cycle. Find optical module manufacturers already incorporating the latest DLP 4K UHD chipsets with our optical module search tool.

For more information, visit the DLP Pico Chipsets or DLP Standard Chipsets optical module page. 

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