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Display & projection chipsets – DLP advantages

Academy Award® winning DLP Cinema® technology is the most compelling choice in projection, powering more than nine out of 10 digital movie screens worldwide. With nearly three decades of experience, DLP technology continues to be trusted to deliver high resolution and vivid pictures to any display system. Whether using a stand-alone projector or integrated display unit, high resolution and large screen projection displays can enhance any viewing experience.

Sharp and vivid pictures

The fast speed of the micromirrors sets DLP display technology apart and is at the heart of what delivers high resolution, as well as bright, colorful, crisp pictures and text.

Variety of display solutions

The flexibility of DLP technology helps projection products span a multitude of resolutions, brightness levels, screen sizes, and price points to meet consumers’ diverse needs.

A trusted technology

DLP technology is trusted by innovators across a diverse range of consumer, professional, education, industrial, and automotive display products.

Why DLP technology for projectors

High resolution

DLP chipsets display beautiful videos and images and span many resolutions, from nHD to 4K UHD. DLP 4K UHD products enable true 4K technology, delivering more pixels and clearer images than offerings with enhanced 4K. Choose DLP for enhanced readability and sharp detail. Rely on the same core MEMS-based technology used in DLP Cinema® solutions in your next display system. 

Amazing brightness

DLP technology is used in projectors that display up to 60,000 lumens. Higher brightness DLP systems are great for large displays and help prevent images being washed out in harsher ambient light conditions.

Laser compatible

DLP display technology is #1 for laser and LED projection solutions. Laser or LED illumination often results in lower maintenance and total cost of ownership compared to lamp-based sources. Select solid state illumination with DLP technology in display products for a longer lasting light source solution.

Versatile products and solutions

Whether education and office projectors, smart laser TVs, wearable displays or digital signage, robust, reflective, and all-digital DLP technology enables vibrant and consistent color on virtually any surface.

Unparalleled switching speed

The DLP chip has an unparalleled refresh time in the microseconds, giving users precise, razor-sharp images. Fast-paced movies, games, and educational content can be experienced in vivid detail regardless of the speed of action. 

Perfect alignment

Projection systems designed with a single DLP chip do not require alignment, translating to fast setup times and more consistent picture quality over the life of the display product.