SLUSDS8C September   2019  – June 2021 BQ79612-Q1 , BQ79614-Q1 , BQ79616-Q1


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BQ79612-Q1, BQ79614-Q1 and BQ79616-Q1 provide high-accuracy cell voltage measurements in less than 200 μs for 12S, 14S and 16S battery modules in high-voltage battery management systems in HEV/EV. The family of monitors offers different channel options in the same package type, providing pin-to-pin compatibility and supporting high reuse of the established software and hardware across any platform. The integrated front-end filters enable the system to implement with simple, low voltage rating, differential RC filters on the cell input channels. The integrated, post-ADC, low-pass filters enable filtered, DC-like, voltage measurements for better state of charge (SOC) calculation. This device supports autonomous internal cell balancing with temperature monitoring to auto-pause and resume balancing to avoid an overtemperature condition.

Device Information
BQ79612-Q1 HTQFP (64-pin) 10.00 mm × 10.00 mm
For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.
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