SLPS235D October   2009  – November 2016 CSD16301Q2


  1. 1Features
  2. 2Applications
  3. 3Description
  4. 4Revision History
  5. 5Specifications
    1. 5.1 Electrical Characteristics
    2. 5.2 Thermal Information
    3. 5.3 Typical MOSFET Characteristics
  6. 6Device and Documentation Support
    1. 6.1 Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates
    2. 6.2 Community Resources
    3. 6.3 Trademarks
    4. 6.4 Electrostatic Discharge Caution
    5. 6.5 Glossary
  7. 7Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information
    1. 7.1 Q2 Package Dimensions
    2. 7.2 Recommended PCB Pattern
    3. 7.3 Recommended Stencil Pattern
    4. 7.4 Q2 Tape and Reel Information

Package Options

Refer to the PDF data sheet for device specific package drawings

Mechanical Data (Package|Pins)
  • DQK|6
Thermal pad, mechanical data (Package|Pins)
Orderable Information

Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information

The following pages include mechanical, packaging, and orderable information. This information is the most current data available for the designated devices. This data is subject to change without notice and revision of this document. For browser-based versions of this data sheet, refer to the left-hand navigation.

Q2 Package Dimensions

CSD16301Q2 2x2_Mech.png
  1. All linear dimensions are in millimeters. Any dimensions in parenthesis are for reference only. Dimensioning and tolerancing per ASME Y14.5M.
  2. This drawing is subject to change without notice.
  3. The package thermal pads must be soldered to the printed circuit board for thermal and mechanical performance.

Recommended PCB Pattern

CSD16301Q2 2x2_PCB_1.png
CSD16301Q2 2x2_PCB_2.png
  1. For recommended circuit layout for PCB designs, see Reducing Ringing Through PCB Layout Techniques (SLPA005).
  2. This package is designed to be soldered to a thermal pad on the board. For more information, see QFN/SON PCB Attachment (SLUA271).

Recommended Stencil Pattern

CSD16301Q2 2x2_Stencil.png
  1. All linear dimensions are in millimeters.
  2. Laser cutting apertures with trapezoidal walls and rounded corners may offer better paste release. IPC-7525 may have alternate design recommendations.

Q2 Tape and Reel Information

CSD16301Q2 M0168-01_LPS235.gif


  1. Measured from centerline of sprocket hole to centerline of pocket.
  2. Cumulative tolerance of 10 sprocket holes is ±0.2.
  3. Other material available.
  4. Typical SR of form tape Max 109 OHM/SQ.
  5. All dimensions are in mm, unless otherwise specified.