SLOS068X June   1976  – June 2020 LM158 , LM158A , LM258 , LM258A , LM2904 , LM2904B , LM2904BA , LM2904V , LM358 , LM358A , LM358B , LM358BA


  1. Features
  2. Applications
    1.     Single-Pole, Low-Pass Filter
  3. Description
    1.     Device Images
  4. Revision History
  5. Device Comparison Table
  6. Pin Configuration and Functions
    1.     Pin Functions
  7. Specifications
    1. 7.1  Absolute Maximum Ratings
    2. 7.2  ESD Ratings
    3. 7.3  Recommended Operating Conditions
    4. 7.4  Thermal Information
    5. 7.5  Electrical Characteristics: LM358B and LM358BA
    6. 7.6  Electrical Characteristics: LM2904B and LM2904BA
    7. 7.7  Electrical Characteristics: LM358, LM358A
    8. 7.8  Electrical Characteristics: LM2904, LM2904V
    9. 7.9  Electrical Characteristics: LM158, LM158A
    10. 7.10 Electrical Characteristics: LM258, LM258A
    11. 7.11 Typical Characteristics
    12. 7.12 Typical Characteristics
  8. Parameter Measurement Information
  9. Detailed Description
    1. 9.1 Overview
    2. 9.2 Functional Block Diagram - LM358B, LM358BA, LM2904B, LM2904BA
    3. 9.3 Feature Description
      1. 9.3.1 Unity-Gain Bandwidth
      2. 9.3.2 Slew Rate
      3. 9.3.3 Input Common Mode Range
    4. 9.4 Device Functional Modes
  10. 10Application and Implementation
    1. 10.1 Application Information
    2. 10.2 Typical Application
      1. 10.2.1 Design Requirements
      2. 10.2.2 Detailed Design Procedure
      3. 10.2.3 Application Curve
  11. 11Power Supply Recommendations
  12. 12Layout
    1. 12.1 Layout Guidelines
    2. 12.2 Layout Examples
  13. 13Device and Documentation Support
    1. 13.1 Documentation Support
      1. 13.1.1 Related Documentation
    2. 13.2 Related Links
    3. 13.3 Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates
    4. 13.4 Support Resources
    5. 13.5 Trademarks
    6. 13.6 Electrostatic Discharge Caution
    7. 13.7 Glossary
  14. 14Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information

Package Options

Refer to the PDF data sheet for device specific package drawings

Mechanical Data (Package|Pins)
  • D|8
  • P|8
  • DGK|8
  • PS|8
  • PW|8
Thermal pad, mechanical data (Package|Pins)
Orderable Information

Revision History

Changes from W Revision (October 2019) to X Revision

  • Added application links to Applications section Go
  • Deleted preview tag from LM358B and LM2904B TSSOP (8) package in Device Information tableGo
  • Changed section title from Community Resources to Support ResourcesGo

Changes from V Revision (September 2018) to W Revision

  • Added specification in the Device Comparison TableGo
  • Changed CDM ESD rating for LM358B and LM2904B in ESD RatingsGo
  • Changed VS to V+ in Recommended Operating ConditionsGo
  • Changed Thermal Information for the LM158FK and LM158JG devicesGo
  • Added Typical Characteristics section for the LM358B and LM2490B op ampsGo
  • Added test circuit for THD+N and small-signal step response, G = –1 in the Parameter Measurement Information sectionGo
  • Changed the Functional Block DiagramGo
  • Deleted preview designator from LM358B and LM2904B in the Related Links sectionGo

Changes from U Revision (January 2017) to V Revision

  • Changed the data sheet title Go
  • Changed first four items in the Features section Go
  • Changed the first item in the Applications section and added four new items Go
  • Changed voltage values in the first paragraph of the Description sectionGo
  • Changed text in the second paragraph of the Description sectionGo
  • Added devices LM358B and LM2904B to data sheetGo
  • Changed the first three rows of the Device Information table and added a a cross-referenced note for PREVIEW-status devicesGo
  • Added Device Comparison table Go
  • Added a table note to the Pin Functions table Go
  • Changed "free-air temperature" to "ambient temperature" in the Absolute Maximum Ratings condition statementGo
  • Changed all entries in the Absolute Maximum Ratings table except TJ and TstgGo
  • Deleted lead temperature and case temperature from Absolute Maximum RatingsGo
  • Changed device listings and their voltage values in the ESD Ratings table Go
  • Changed "free-air temperature" to "ambient temperature" in the Recommended Operating Conditions condition statement Go
  • Changed table entries for all parameters in the Recommended Operating Conditions tableGo
  • Added rows to the Thermal Information table, and a table note regarding device-package combinations Go
  • Deleted the Operating Conditions tableGo
  • Added a condition statement to the Typical Characteristics sectionGo
  • Changed specific voltages to a Recommended Operating Conditions referenceGo
  • Changed unity-gain bandwidth from 0.7 MHz for all devices to 1.2 MHz for B-version devicesGo
  • Changed slew rate from.3 V/µs for all devices to o.5 V/µs for B-version devicesGo
  • Changed the Input Common Mode Range section in multiple places throughoutGo
  • Changed VCC to VS in the Application Information section Go
  • Subscripted the suffixes fro RI and RFGo
  • Changed Operational Amplifier Board Layout for Noninverting Configuration with an image that includes a dual op ampGo
  • Added Preview designation to the LM358B and LM2904B devices in Table 1Go

Changes from T Revision (April 2015) to U Revision

  • Changed data sheet titleGo
  • Added Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates section and Community Resources section Go

Changes from S Revision (January 2014) to T Revision

  • Added Applications section, ESD Ratings table, Feature Description section, Device Functional Modes, Application and Implementation section, Power Supply Recommendations section, Layout section, Device and Documentation Support section, and Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information section Go

Changes from R Revision (July 2010) to S Revision

  • Converted this data sheet from the QS format to DocZone using the PDF on the webGo
  • Deleted Ordering Information tableGo
  • Updated Features to include Military DisclaimerGo
  • Added Typical Characteristics sectionGo
  • Added ESD warningGo