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  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Device Overview
  4. 3LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC Variants
  5. 4PMIC Selection Guide
  6. 5Example Power Maps
    1. 5.1 AM64x Single-PMIC Solution
    2. 5.2 AM64x Dual-PMIC Solution
    3. 5.3 AM243x (ALX Package) Single-PMIC Solution
    4. 5.4 AM243x (ALV Package) Single-PMIC Solution
  7. 6TPS6521815 Programming Information
  8. 7Conclusion

AM64x Dual-PMIC Solution

An example power map using LP873364 and TPS6521855 for the AM64x with LPDDR4 memory support is shown in Figure 5-3, and with DDR4 memory support in Figure 5-4.

This dual-PMIC solution is able to provide more rails and flexibility than the single-PMIC solution. The additional rails increase functionality such as allowing interface with additional ICs like TI's DP83867 Gigabyte PHYs.

TPS6521855 comes pre-programmed for interface with LPDDR4 memory. However, it maintains the programmable DIY functionality of the TPS65218xx family, so it can be reprogrammed for DDR4 memory use. Also, as further explained in Section 6, the DIY PMIC TPS6521815 can also be programmed to power this configuration.

Please refer to the Can the LP873364 be Used in a Dual PMIC Configuration? section of the Powering the AM64x with the LP8733xx PMIC application brief for more information on implementing this solution.

Figure 5-3 Using LP873364 and TPS6521855 to Power AM64x with LPDDR4 Memory and Ethernet PHY Support
Figure 5-4 Using LP873364 and TPS6521855 to Power AM64x with DDR4 Memory and Ethernet PHY Support