SLUUCJ2 July   2021 UCC14240-Q1


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
    1. 1.1 Pin Configuration and Functions
  3. 2Description
    1. 2.1 EVM Electrical Performance Specifications
  4. 3Schematic
  5. 4EVM Setup and Operation
    1. 4.1 Reference
    2. 4.2 External Connections for Easy Evaluation
    3. 4.3 Powering the EVM
      1. 4.3.1 Power on for Start-up
      2. 4.3.2 Power off for Shutdown
    4. 4.4 EVM Test Points
    5. 4.5 Oscilloscope Probes: Probing the EVM
  6. 5 Performance Data
    1. 5.1 Efficiency Data
    2. 5.2 Regulation Data
    3. 5.3 Start-up Waveforms
    4. 5.4 Inrush Current
    5. 5.5 AC Ripple Voltage
    6. 5.6 EN and /PG Timing
    7. 5.7 Shutdown
    8. 5.8 Steady State
    9. 5.9 Thermal Performance
  7. 6Assembly and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layers
  8. 7Bill of Materials (BOM)
  9. 8Revision History

EVM Test Points

Table 4-2 describes the various EVM test points, allowing easy access for connecting oscilloscope probes, DVM test leads and wire connections to lab test equipment as outlined in section 4.1. Special care should be taken to maintain separation between the primary side, GNDP and secondary side, VEE. Primary-side test points should not be referenced to VEE through improper test equipment insertion. Likewise, secondary-side test points should not be referenced to GNDP through improper test equipment insertion.

Table 4-2 Test Points
J1 I Green VBIAS, EN and /PG bias 3 VBIAS 5 V
J2:1-3 O Green Secondary VDD-to-VEE 15 27 V
J2:2-3 O Green Secondary COM-to-VEE 0 5 V
J3:1-2 I Black EN, off 0 V
J3:2-3 I Black EN, on VBIAS V
J4 N/A N/A Missing reference designator N/A
J5 I Green VIN, primary input voltage 21 24 27 V
TP1 TP Black VEE, secondary side reference 0 V
TP2 TP Yellow /PG, power good test point VBIAS V
TP3 TP Yellow EN, enable test point VBIAS V
TP4 TP PCB COM-to-VEE, secondary COM scope probe point 0 5 V
TP5 TP White COM-to-VEE, secondary COM output midpoint 0 5 V
TP6 TP PCB VDD-to-VEE, secondary VDD scope probe point 15 28 V
TP7 TP Red VDD, secondary VDD test point 15 28 V
TP8 TP Red VIN, positive probe point 21 24 27 V
TP9 TP Black GNDP, shared primary GND test point 0 V
TP10 TP PCB VIN, scope probe point 21 24 27 V
TP11 TP Black GNDP, shared primary GND test point 0 V