SNLA344B June   2020  – March 2022 DP83826E , DP83826I


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2 EtherCAT Specification Requirements
  4. 3Different Methods of Setting up the PHY
    1. 3.1 Using Serial Management Interface to Setup DP83826 PHY
    2.     6
    3. 3.2 Using Strap Configuration to Set Up DP83826 PHY for EtherCAT Configuration
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Different Methods of Setting up the PHY

To setup the PHY in the correct mode for it to work in the EtherCAT® environment there are some settings which either have to be setup using the Serial Management Interface or using the strap configuration. This setup is like programming the PHY to be setup in a specific mode. The next two sections describe how to setup the PHY.