SNLA389A December   2021  – May 2022 DP83TC812R-Q1 , DP83TC812S-Q1 , DP83TC813R-Q1 , DP83TC813S-Q1 , DP83TC814R-Q1 , DP83TC814S-Q1


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Hardware Configuration
    1. 2.1 Schematic
  4. 3Software Configuration
  5. 4Testing PMA
    1. 4.1 PMA Testing Procedure
  6. 5Testing IOP: Link-up and Link-down
    1. 5.1 IOP Testing Procedure
  7. 6Testing SQI
    1. 6.1 SQI Value Interpretation
  8. 7Testing TDR
    1. 7.1 TDR Testing Procedure
  9. 8Testing EMC and EMI
  10. 9Revision History

Testing TDR

This section describes the procedure to test cable faults: open or short.

A detailed TDR test report from C&S with OA-compliant results is available on request.

Note: OA TC-1 tests done at C&S tests are for open and short cable fault test cases. Also TDR is usually run to find the root-cause when there is no link. The test procedure described in Section 7.1 has an extra step over the compliance test procedure: to force link-down condition when possible (use if required).