SNVA988 August   2020  – MONTH  LMZM33603 , TPSM265R1 , TPSM53603


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Efficiency and PCB Solution Size Comparison
  4. 3Considerations When Using Converters and Power Modules
  5. 4Summary
  6. 5References


The preceding discussion in this app note outlines the value proposing of using a buck converter and buck power module. The power module provides a simple and compact solution that is optimized for typical output voltages, high output density, and faster time to market. Power modules become more impactful in designs that have limited board space or projects that have limited engineering resources. Conversely, the converter may be more suitable for applications that have very specific requirements and need higher levels of customization and performance optimization. With this high level summary of power modules and converters, designers should be able to quickly search through TI's buck power management portfolio and pick out the appropriate product that best fits the design requirements and project timeline needs.