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Device and Development Support Tool Nomenclature

To designate the stages in the product development cycle, TI assigns prefixes to the part numbers of all [TMS320] DSP devices and support tools. Each TMS320™ DSP commercial family member has one of three prefixes: TMX, TMP, or TMS (for example, TMS320F28379D). Texas Instruments recommends two of three possible prefix designators for its support tools: TMDX and TMDS. These prefixes represent evolutionary stages of product development from engineering prototypes (with TMX for devices and TMDX for tools) through fully qualified production devices and tools (with TMS for devices and TMDS for tools).

TMX Experimental device that is not necessarily representative of the final device's electrical specifications
TMP Final silicon die that conforms to the device's electrical specifications but has not completed quality and reliability verification
TMS Fully qualified production device

Support tool development evolutionary flow:

TMDX Development-support product that has not yet completed Texas Instruments internal qualification testing
TMDS Fully qualified development-support product

TMX and TMP devices and TMDX development-support tools are shipped against the following disclaimer:
"Developmental product is intended for internal evaluation purposes."

TMS devices and TMDS development-support tools have been characterized fully, and the quality and reliability of the device have been demonstrated fully. TI's standard warranty applies.

Predictions show that prototype devices (TMX or TMP) have a greater failure rate than the standard production devices. Texas Instruments recommends that these devices not be used in any production system because their expected end-use failure rate still is undefined. Only qualified production devices are to be used.

TI device nomenclature also includes a suffix with the device family name. This suffix indicates the package type (for example, PTP) and temperature range (for example, T).