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Matt McKinney


“I don’t know – ask Dave.”

“Ask Dave” is something I’ve heard TI employees and executives say over and over, as have many design engineers in the power electronics industry. No one made power management a more fun subject than Dave. You always wanted to learn more – even if it meant spending hours asking dumb physics-related questions (which I did on many occasions). Dave was always willing to respond with an explanation of why things are the way they are – usually with a practical illustration and a quick witty comment to help provide perspective.

If you had a technical power management question and needed a higher-level perspective, you’d ask Dave. Editors from trade magazines would frequently ask Dave about a story they were writing on the latest design challenges related to digital power, power density or battery management. University students from MIT or Stanford would ask Dave to consult on design projects. Customers would call asking Dave’s perspective on the future of battery technology used in energy storage systems. He had everyone’s respect.

Dave truly made an impact on so many in the power industry, with his hundreds of successful innovations and broad knowledge of power management. Because so many at TI asked Dave those questions – and he answered – he leaves a legacy of knowledge that will grow and multiply. It’s a testament to the power business that he helped to build.

After a lengthy illness, Dave Freeman passed away this past weekend, and many friends and co-workers continue to share memories about him. I had the privilege of working with Dave for more than 13 years, and can probably fill this post with countless stories. But above all else, I wish I could ask him more questions. Feel free to share your favorite memory in the comments section below.