SBVU077 October   2022


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
    1. 1.1 Before You Begin
  4. 2Schematic
  5. 3EVM Setup
    1. 3.1 Jumper Connections
      1. 3.1.1 J11-14: Output Voltage Select
    2. 3.2 Test Points
    3. 3.3 Soldering Guidelines
  6. 4Equipment Connection and Operation
  7. 5PCB Layout
  8. 6Bill of Materials (BOM)


GUID-20220915-SS0I-XXJ8-J4JK-VP9DMMSRDBLP-low.png Figure 1-1 TPS715EVM-074 Evaluation Module

This user guide describes the operational use of the TPS715EVM-074 evaluation module (EVM) as a reference design for engineering demonstration and evaluation of the TPS71501DCKR, low-dropout linear regulator (LDO). Included in this user guide are setup and operating instructions, layout guidelines, a printed circuit board (PCB) layout, a schematic diagram, and a bill of materials (BOM). Throughout this document, the terms demonstration kit, evaluation board, evaluation module, and EVM are synonymous with the TPS715EVM-074.