SLLA334B August   2018  – September 2022 ISO1050 , SN6501


  1.   Isolated CAN Solution by Using ISO1050 and SN6501
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2Capacitive Isolation Technology
  5. 3Isolated CAN Module Design
    1. 3.1 Transformer Driver
    2. 3.2 5-V to 5-V Isolated Power Design Consideration
    3. 3.3 PCB Design
  6. 4Experiment Validation
  7. 5Conclusion
  8. 6References
  9. 7Revision History

Isolated CAN Solution by Using ISO1050 and SN6501

This application note presents a reference design of a compact isolated CAN module by using isolated transceiver ISO1050 and transformer driver SN6501. Compared to current solutions in the industry, this design has the advantages of easy implementation, high reliability, low EMI, and low cost. The ISO1042 can be used as a performance upgrade to the ISO1050.