SLUUBU0A June   2018  – July 2022 BQ27Z561


  1.   BQ27Z561EVM-011 EVM Single-Cell Impedance Track™ Technology
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Features
    1. 1.1 Kit Contents
  4. 2BQ27Z561-Based Circuit Module
    1. 2.1 Circuit Module Connections
    2. 2.2 Pin Description
  5. 3Circuit Module Physical Layout, Bill of Materials and Schematic
    1. 3.1 Board Layout
    2. 3.2 Schematic
    3. 3.3 Bill of Material
    4. 3.4 BQ27Z561 Circuits Module Performance Specification Summary
  6. 4EVM Hardware and Software Setup
    1. 4.1 System Requirements
    2. 4.2 Software Installation
  7. 5Troubleshooting Unexpected Dialog Boxes
  8. 6Hardware Connection
    1. 6.1 Connecting the BQ27Z561 Circuit Module to a Battery Pack
    2. 6.2 Description of EVM Jumpers
  9. 7Operation
    1. 7.1 Starting the Program
    2. 7.2 Setting Programmable BQ27Z561 Options
      1. 7.2.1 Important Data Memory Parameters to Change
    3. 7.3 Setting the Chemistry
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  11. 9Revision History

BQ27Z561EVM-011 EVM Single-Cell Impedance Track™ Technology

The BQ27Z561 EVM comes with the BQ27Z561 gas gauge IC and all other components necessary to measure and predict capacity of a Li-ion or Li-polymer cell. This user's guide will walk you through the following tasks:

  • Connect the necessary components together to power up the EVM
  • Installation of the necessary Texas Instruments software tools
  • Bring up the EVM for a basic chemistry and accuracy cycle check
  • Evaluate the functionality of the BQ27Z561 solution under different charge and discharge conditions

The latest Windows®-based PC software can be downloaded from the product folder on the Texas Instruments website. Use the Texas Instruments web search for Battery Management Studio on