SNIA054 January   2023 TMP61


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Application of Temperature Sensors in Air Conditioner
    1. 1.1 Working Principle of Air Conditioner
    2. 1.2 Application of Temperature Sensors in Air Conditioner
      1. 1.2.1 Temperature Sensors in Indoor Unit of Air Conditioner
      2. 1.2.2 Temperature Sensors in Outdoor Unit of Air Conditioner
      3. 1.2.3 Compressor Exhausted Air Temperature Detection
  4. 2Problems of NTC Thermistors in Air Conditioners
  5. 3Solutions
  6. 4Summary
  7. 5References


The main function of the air conditioning system is temperature regulation, in which the temperature detection plays a very important role. The temperature sensors convert temperature into an electrical signal. In an air conditioning system, temperature sensors need to be placed in multiple locations to achieve temperature detection and ensure the efficiency.