SWRA465A August   2014  – July 2015 CC2530 , CC2530 , CC2530-RF4CE , CC2530-RF4CE , CC2592 , CC2592


  1.   Using CC2592 Front End With CC2530
    1.     Trademarks
    2. Introduction
    3. Acronyms Used in This Documents
    4. Absolute Maximum Ratings
    5. Electrical Specifications
      1. 4.1 Operating Conditions
      2. 4.2 Current Consumption
      3. 4.3 Receive Parameters
      4. 4.4 Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
      5. 4.5 Transmit Parameters
      6. 4.6 Output Power Programming
      7. 4.7 Typical Performance Curves
      8. 4.8 IEEE - Transmit Power Spectral Density (PSD) Mask
    6. Application Circuit
      1. 5.1 Power Decoupling
      2. 5.2 Input /Output Matching and Filtering
      3. 5.3 Bias Resistor
      4. 5.4 Antenna Considerations
    7. PCB Layout Considerations
      1. 6.1 The Gain of the CC2592
    8. Regulatory Requirements
      1. 7.1 Compliance of FCC Part 15.247 When Using the CC2530 With the CC2592
    9. Controlling the CC2592
    10. Integrating CC2592 With Z-Stack and TIMAC
    11. 10 References
  2.   A Marker - Delta Method
    1.     A.1
  3.   Revision History

Using CC2592 Front End With CC2530

This application report describes the pairing of the cost-effective SimpleLink™ZigBee® CC2530 wireless MCU with the SimpleLink CC2592 range extender to improve the receiver sensitivity and increase the total link budget, enabling up to four times the range of each node in the ZigBee network. The combination of these devices creates a system solution that is ideal for applications such as home and industrial automation, lighting, metering, and sensor networks. This document also describes the expected performance of the module and factors to consider with respect to the layout and regulatory requirements. The RF front end of the CC2530 has the same settings as the SimpleLink CC2531 wireless MCU with USB; therefore, the presented results are also valid for the CC2531.

Project collateral and source code discussed in this document can be downloaded from the following URL: http://www.ti.com/lit/zip/swra465.