SBAA424A June   2020  – May 2022 PCM6240-Q1 , PCM6260-Q1 , PCM6340-Q1 , PCM6360-Q1


  1. 1Abstract
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  2. 1Introduction to the PCM6260-Q1 Family
  3. 2Understanding PCM6xx0-Q1 Hardware and Software Compatibility
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The automotive industry is experiencing a major transformation focused on comfortable driving experience without compromising fuel-efficiency and manufacturing cost. Car OEMs are frequently refreshing their audio system architecture to accommodate a user-rich experience and better safety by incorporating several new audio technologies. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), In-Cabin Communication (ICC), and Hands-free Voice Beam-forming Systems make the cars quieter and enhance the communication experience between passengers. Depending on system requirements, vehicle size and luxury level (low, middle, and high end), OEMs use different numbers of microphones for each of these applications. As these technologies continue to evolve, there is a dire need of scalable audio solutions to speed up the hardware and software development among the designers.

To accommodate the short- and long-term vision of OEMs and TIer1s in most cost-optimized and space-constrained manner, Texas Instruments has developed a highly-integrated, package- and software-compatible, high-performance, multi-channel audio ADC family called PCM6260-Q1. The PCM6260-Q1 family of products provide flexible and scalable solutions for microphone and line input applications, facilitating high levels of hardware and software scalability.