SLAT160 April   2022


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Operation of a Single vs Multiple BQF00XX Devices

Design Considerations:

  • BQF family of devices enable authentication for disposable identification-sensitive use-cases.
  • 64-bit one-time programmable (OTP) ID can be used as storage for calibration data, date, or security-related information.
  • Very little standby power is required for data integrity.
  • Multiple pages allow different programming schema for different use-cases.
  • Multi-modal function for reading, writing, searching, matching data to page bank.
  • High-speed, overdrive mode is available for faster data transfer.
  • Multiple devices can be used at the same time for extended functionality.
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  • Identification and lot tracing for inventory management
  • Calibration data for medical or testing instrumentation
  • Validation data for assenting device operation
  • Security keys for information-sensitive systems
Features Devices
Capacity BQF0008 BQF0020 BQF0064
7.5 Kbit 20 Kbit 63.25 Kbit
Memory technology FRAM FRAM FRAM
Power-off and standby current 7 μA 7 μA 7 μA
Interface SDQ SDQ SDQ
Optimal temperature range (°C) -10 – 85 -10 – 85 -10 – 85
Pin-to-pin compatible with packages TO-92, TDFN TO-92, TDFN TO-92, TDFN