SLVUCE8 March   2022 TPS7H5001-SP


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1TPS7H5001-SP WCA Model Specification
    1. 1.1 Parameter Variation
    2. 1.2 Global Variables
    3. 1.3 Editing Model Parameters
  3. 2Model Setup
    1. 2.1 Running Transient Simulation
    2. 2.2 Running POP Analysis and AC Simulation
  4. 3Monte Carlo
    1. 3.1 Monte Carlo Simulation

Global Variables

The following global variables are used within the F11 window of SIMPLIS. Global variables are used by the TPS7H5001-SP WCA device and changing the names in the F11 window, will cause the model not to work. Default values are placed so that the minimum and maximum values are the minimum and maximum values of the data sheet.

Parameter Description Default Mean Value

Default Tol- Value

gmea Model variable for the error amplifier transconductance 1825 ┬ÁS

37 %

Vr Model variable for the reference voltage 0.613 V

1 %

Rtt Internal variable related to the voltage reference. Changing the equation will cause model to work improperly. N/A



Model variable for CCSR parameter



In addition to the listed model parameters, external component selection will also influence device behavior. The external components used in the default schematic take nominal values and, as such, users may see fit to add tolerances to them to model real-world variation.