SLVUCE8 March   2022 TPS7H5001-SP


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1TPS7H5001-SP WCA Model Specification
    1. 1.1 Parameter Variation
    2. 1.2 Global Variables
    3. 1.3 Editing Model Parameters
  3. 2Model Setup
    1. 2.1 Running Transient Simulation
    2. 2.2 Running POP Analysis and AC Simulation
  4. 3Monte Carlo
    1. 3.1 Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation

  1. Click

    Monte Carlo→ Setup Monte Carlo
  2. Number of Monte Carlo steps is the amount of times a Monte Carlo simulation will run. Monte Carlo Seed can be used to to the same seed as a previous Monte Carlo simulation. Number of Cores will be how many cores of your computer is used for processing.

  3. Click

    Monte Carlo→ Run Monte Carlo
  4. The Monte Carlo analysis will run whichever analysis is chosen under Simulator → Choose Analysis. If transient Monte Carlo analysis is required, choose Transient on the right. If AC Monte Carlo analysis is required choose AC and POP.