SLVUCE8 March   2022 TPS7H5001-SP


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1TPS7H5001-SP WCA Model Specification
    1. 1.1 Parameter Variation
    2. 1.2 Global Variables
    3. 1.3 Editing Model Parameters
  3. 2Model Setup
    1. 2.1 Running Transient Simulation
    2. 2.2 Running POP Analysis and AC Simulation
  4. 3Monte Carlo
    1. 3.1 Monte Carlo Simulation

Model Setup

The TPS7H5001-SP WCA model comes with a default schematic file (TPS7H5001_SP_SIMPLIS_Flyback.sxsch) that can be used to run simulations with minimal effort needed to set up the model. Users will need to set up their own Simulation Profiles in order to run simulations. Instructions for doing so are provided in Section 3.