SLVUCE8 March   2022 TPS7H5001-SP


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1TPS7H5001-SP WCA Model Specification
    1. 1.1 Parameter Variation
    2. 1.2 Global Variables
    3. 1.3 Editing Model Parameters
  3. 2Model Setup
    1. 2.1 Running Transient Simulation
    2. 2.2 Running POP Analysis and AC Simulation
  4. 3Monte Carlo
    1. 3.1 Monte Carlo Simulation

Editing Model Parameters

The TPS7H5001-SP WCA Model allows for editing internal parameters through the use of the F11 window in SIMPLIS. After opening the schematic file "TPS7H5001_SP_SIMPLIS_Flyback.sxsch" simply pressing F11, or sometimes CTRL + F11 will open up the F11 window.

GUID-20220214-SS0I-BPTV-MJXV-D75KDXJ8MNJD-low.pngFigure 1-1 F11 Window in SIMPLIS

Editing the tolerances can be done in this window by changing the tol parameter for the specific distribution chosen. WC(tol) is used by default, but there are different distributions that can be chosen.

Distribution Name



Worst-Case. Returns either 1.0-tol or 1.0+tol chosen at random.
Unif(tol)Uniform. Returns a random value in the range 1.0 +/- tol with a uniform distribution.
GaussTrunc(tol)Truncated Gaussian. As with Gauss() but values greater than (1 + tol) and less than (1 - tol) are rejected, and the program picks another random number inside the Gaussian distribution.
Gauss(tol)Gaussian. Returns a random number with a mean of 1.0 and a standard deviation of tol/3. Random values have a Gaussian or Normal distribution.