SNAU163C August   2014  – October  2016 FDC1004


  1.   FDC1004EVM User's Guide
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Setup
      1. 1.1 FDC1004EVM
      2. 1.2 Input/Output Connector Description
      3. 1.3 HW Setup
    3. 2 Sensing Solutions EVM GUI
      1. 2.1 System Requirements
      2. 2.2 Installation Instructions
      3. 2.3 Starting the GUI
      4. 2.4 Navigating the GUI
      5. 2.5 Connecting the EVM
      6. 2.6 Configuring the EVM Using the Register Page
        1. 2.6.1 Automatically Update GUI Register Values Using Auto-Read
        2. 2.6.2 Manually Update Device Register Values
        3. 2.6.3 Reading Register Values without Auto-Read
        4. 2.6.4 Saving Device Configurations
        5. 2.6.5 Loading Previously Saved Configurations
      7. 2.7 Configuring the EVM Using the Configuration Page
      8. 2.8 Streaming Measurement Data
        1. 2.8.1 Choosing the Graph and Visible Channels
        2. 2.8.2 Logging Data to a File
        3. 2.8.3 Starting and Stopping Data Streaming
        4. 2.8.4 Data Statistics
        5. 2.8.5 Configuring the Graph
        6. 2.8.6 Navigating the Data Streaming Buffer
      9. 2.9 Updating the EVM Firmware
    4. 3 Board Layout
    5. 4 Schematic
  2.   Revision History

Configuring the EVM Using the Configuration Page

The Sensing Solutions GUI is capable on configuring the device more intuitively than the direct register values. The "Configuration" page provides an easy-to-use tool for updating the device configuration and provides additional information about how the device will perform.

5_gui_configuration_00_fdc1004_configuration.pngFigure 24. Configuration Page

The FDC1004 measures in a round robin mode and can make up to four measurements. If all four measurements are enabled and the sample rate is 400 samples per second new data for all four measurements would be available at a rate of 100 Hz. If a single measurement were enabled rather than all four, again with the sampling rate set to 400 samples per second, new data for the single measurement would be available at a rate of 400 Hz.

To make a single measurement only once, select the measurement channel and click "Take Measurement". This will disable the "Enable continuous multi-channel measurements" setting. Continuous measurements must be enabled for the data streaming function of the GUI and EVM.

Please reference the FDC1004 datasheet for more information regarding individual measurement settings.