SNVU695A June   2020  – January 2022 LP87702-Q1


  1. 1Introduction
  2. 2xWR Power Supply Requirements
    1. 2.1 Recommended Supply Voltage Requirements
    2. 2.2 Input Supply Current Requirements
    3. 2.3 Input Supply Ripple Requirements
  3. 3Power Solution
    1. 3.1 1.0 V and 1.8 V RF Rail LC Filters
  4. 4Measurements
  5. 5Schematic
  6. 6Bill of Materials
  7. 7Conclusion
  8. 8References
  9. 9Revision History


With this presented solution with the LP87702K-Q1, TPS62811-Q1, and LM61460-Q1 devices, it is possible to meet the power requirements for xWR radar applications while maintaining good efficiency. Solution is compact due to minimum number of external components which also results in low cost. This reference design also includes SafeTI™ components that comply with applicable ISO 26262 requirements.

In addition, LP8770 FMEDA and Functional Safety Manual available to support ASIL compliant system designs. These documents can be requested from the LP87702-Q1 product page.