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  1. 1Read This First
    1. 1.1 About This Manual
    2. 1.1 Glossary
    3. 1.1 Support Resources
    4.     Trademarks
  2. 1 F2806xM InstaSPIN-MOTION Enabled MCUs
  3. 2InstaSPIN-MOTION Key Capabilities and Benefits
    1. 2.1 Overview
    2. 2.2 FAST Unified Observer
    3. 2.3 SpinTAC Motion Control Suite
      1.      IDENTIFY
      2.      CONTROL
      3.      MOVE
      4.      PLAN
    4. 2.4 Additional InstaSPIN-MOTION Features
  4. 3InstaSPIN-MOTION Block Diagrams
    1.     Scenario 1: InstaSPIN-MOTION Speed Control with FAST Software Encoder
    2.     Scenario 2: InstaSPIN-MOTION Speed Control with a Mechanical Sensor
    3.     Scenario 3: InstaSPIN-MOTION Position Control with Mechanical Sensor and Redundant FAST Software Sensor
  5. 4Application Examples
    1. 4.1 Treadmill Conveyor: Smooth Motion Across Varying Speeds and Loads
    2. 4.2 Video Camera: Smooth Motion and Position Accuracy at Low Speeds
    3. 4.3 Washing Machine: Smooth Motion and Position Accuracy at Low Speeds
      1.      Agitation Cycle
      2.      Spin Cycles
    4. 4.4 InstaSPIN-MOTION Works Over the Entire Operating Range
  6. 5Evaluating InstaSPIN-MOTION Performance
    1. 5.1 Overview
    2. 5.2 Velocity Control Performance: SpinTAC vs PI
      1. 5.2.1 Disturbance Rejection
      2. 5.2.2 Reference Tracking
      3. 5.2.3 Step Response
    3. 5.3 Position Control Performance: SpinTAC vs PI
      1. 5.3.1 Disturbance Rejection
      2. 5.3.2 Reference Tracking
      3. 5.3.3 Step Response
      4. 5.3.4 Inertia Estimation Repeatability
  7. 6Microcontroller Resources
    1. 6.1 CPU Utilization
    2. 6.2 Memory Utilization
    3. 6.3 Pin Utilization
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        1.       B Definition of Terms and Acronyms
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Definition of Terms and Acronyms


    Alternating current induction motor.


    Active Disturbance Rejection Control. Estimates and compensates for system disturbance, in real-time.


    Code Composer Studio™ IDE


    Unified observer structure which exploits the similarities between all motors that use magnetic flux for energy transduction, automatically identifying required motor parameters and providing the following motor feedback signals:

    • High-quality Flux signal for stable flux monitoring and field weakening.
    • Superior rotor flux Angle estimation accuracy over wider speed range compared to traditional observer techniques independent of all rotor parameters for ACIM.
    • Real-time low-noise motor shaft Speed signal.
    • Accurate high bandwidth Torque signal for load monitoring and imbalance detection.


    Field-oriented control.


    Used for 100% torque at start-up until the FAST rotor flux angle tracker converges within first electrical cycle.


    Complete sensorless FOC solution provided by TI on-chip in ROM on select devices (FAST observer, FOC, speed and current loops), efficiently controlling your motor without the use of any mechanical rotor sensors.


    A comprehensive motor-, motion- and speed-control software solution that delivers robust system performance at the highest efficiency for motor applications that operate in various motion state transitions. InstaSPIN-MOTION builds on and includes InstaSPIN-FOC, combined with SpinTAC™ Motion Control Suite from LineStream Technologies.


    Interior permanent magnet motor.

    LineStream Technologies

    Pioneers in the world of embedded controls software. Boasting a team of motor control experts from six different countries cumulatively speaking fifteen languages and possessing over eighty years of industry experience, LineStream is fast becoming the world's preeminent stronghold of embedded motor control knowledge.

    Motor Parameters ID or Motor Identification

    A feature added to InstaSPIN-FOC, providing a tool to the user so that there is no barrier between running a motor to its highest performance even though the motor parameters are unknown.


    Proportional-integral regulator.


    Permanent magnet synchronous motor.


    A mode of operation for AC induction motors (ACIM) that minimizes motor losses under lightly loaded conditions.

    Rs-Offline Recalibration

    InstaSPIN-FOC feature that is used to recalibrate the stator resistance, Rs, when the motor is not running.

    Rs-Online Recalibration

    InstaSPIN-FOC feature that is used to recalibrate the stator resistance, Rs, while the motor is running in closed loop.

    SpinTAC™ Motion Control Suite

    Includes and advanced speed controller, a motion engine, and a motion sequence planner. The SpinTAC disturbance-rejecting speed controller proactively estimates and compensates for system disturbances in real-time, improving overall product performance. The SpinTAC motion engine calculates the ideal reference signal (with feed forward) based on user-defined parameters. SpinTAC supports standard industry curves, and LineStream’s proprietary "smooth trajectory" curve. The SpinTAC motion sequence planner operates user-defined state transition maps, making it easy to design complex motion sequences.


    Space-vector modulation.