SSZT317 March   2020


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Man’s best friend may soon be industrial robots.

As robots are becoming more commonplace in factories, it is important that they become more intelligent, autonomous, safer and efficient. All of this is enabled with precise motor control, advanced sensing technologies and processing at the edge, all with robust real-time communication. These technologies are important to robotic system designs because:

  • Precise motor control enables efficiency and lower power consumption.
  • Advanced sensing and machine learning capabilities allows the robot to interact with the surrounding environment.
  • Communication interfaces allows for real-time data delivery.

In our e-book, an engineer’s guide to industrial robots, we take an in-depth look at the key technologies used in various robotic applications. Download the e-book and be equipped to design the most sophisticated autonomous and collaborative robots.

An engineer’s guide to industrial robotic systems

Download the e-book in English

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