SSZT564 december   2018


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Semiconductor packaging includes much more than just the material encapsulating the chip. While containing critical connections to the chip itself and to the circuit board, packaging technologies also include many innovations that help deliver the performance, power density and ultra-small sizes that today’s systems and engineers require.

Packaging is no longer an afterthought. Important developments in materials, advanced interconnects, thermal management, lower stress technology and more mean that packaging is delivering increased differentiation in TI products. As our appetite for computationally intensive data services continues to increase, so does the need to deliver more energy in less space to run systems as efficiently as possible.

To address this topic, I recently sat down with Chief Technology Officer Ahmad Bahai and Vice President of Semiconductor Packaging Devan Iyer. In our podcast, we discussed the evolving role of packaging, including:

  • Innovations that drive power density for a range of power applications.
  • Improving battery management.
  • Supporting high-voltage and power wafer technologies, including wide bandgap technologies like gallium nitride for power-switching devices and interfaces.
  • The importance of early and advanced chip/package co-design.

I hope you will give it a listen!

Packaging as a Differentiator

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