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Eddie Esparza

There are a multitude of industrial protocols to handle communication between devices for Industry 4.0. One new protocol designed to connect your factory floor is CC-Link IE Field Basic, and TI just added support for it on Sitara™ processors.

The CC-Link family comprises deterministic open-architecture network protocols that enable communication between devices from numerous manufacturers, much like other popular protocols such as PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. Figure 1 illustrates typical applications for the CC-Link family. In this blog post, I’m only going to focus on CC-Link IE, which contains the industrial Ethernet (IE)-based members of the family.

GUID-8DC1B82F-5912-4E03-9653-4B8C92483013-low.png Figure 1 Typical CC-Link IE Use Case

CC-Link IE offers 1Gbps communication in a star, line, mixed star and line, or ring setup, and comes in five different versions: CC-Link IE Control, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link IE Field Basic, CC-Link IE Field Motion and CC-Link IE Safety.

CC-Link IE Field Basic (CC-Link IEF Basic) is implemented through software alone and does not require a specialized media access controller (MAC). CC-Link IEF Basic enables CC-Link IE’s deterministic network capabilities on existing devices with 100Mbps Ethernet ports. This means that you won’t have to make any hardware changes, including rewiring, to your existing system.

Since CC-Link IEF Basic operates on a 100Mbps port and is a pure software solution, you’ll lose the 1Gbps speeds of CC-Link IE and be limited to a star topology. However, you will gain the flexibility of bringing CC-Link IE to many more applications.

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