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Zachary Cobb

The medical device industry is exploding with new opportunities for developers as both advanced patient monitoring and remote care are quickly gaining traction throughout the United States.  As developers search to find a sustainable healthcare solution, the goal is to reach more patients and provide better care with the human resources that are currently available.  Healthcare experts predict that we can put an end to many age-old problems throughout the industry by providing patients with world-class care while they enjoy the comfort of their own homes.  Advanced patient monitoring systems are making diagnosis easier for doctors, and incorporating similar monitoring techniques in the home-care industry is beginning to establish a more efficient medical monitoring infrastructure.


The futuristic thought of a medical device platform that can monitor an abundant amount of vitals while being connected to a medical network is becoming reality.  With a new emerging market, the medical device industry is facing unique embedded processing challenges that must be addressed.  Processors leveraged in advanced patient monitoring development must have high performance to handle constant patient analytics, and flexible enough to provide a large number of monitoring services in a single platform.  Fortunately, TI’s new Sitara AM57x processor family seems to be an ideal solution that meets the unique requirements for the rapidly growing advanced patient monitoring systems and remote monitoring market.

Advanced patient monitoring systems in the hospital are used to aggregate multiple monitoring capabilities such as blood pressure, ECG, Sp02, patient temperature, and more.  Integrating multiple monitoring resources into one solution is allowing doctors to make timelier and more educated decisions.  Sitara AM57x processors is a one chip solution for this sophisticated integration of vitals, and gives makers the ability to easily incorporate an HD display into monitor systems, while including high-performance C66x DSPs and ARM® Cortex®-A15 cores, for sensor data crunching and processing.  The dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on the processor allow for easy network communication utilized in portable alarm notifications for nurses, or even mobile apps that could allow family members to check vitals remotely.

The next wave of advanced patient monitoring systems for home-use requires internet connectivity, higher performance analytics, and real-time video and audio to provide patients with a more traditional face-to-face interactive feel with healthcare professionals.  The AM57x processor provides a processor solution for a hardware platform that reaches all of these necessities. -With the option of one or two ARM Cortex-A15 cores at the center of the SoC, the processor obtains high-performance computing capabilities on a familiar architecture.  Video and graphic accelerators allow 1080p, and even 3D video outputs for Sitara developers giving patients a face-to-face streaming options on top of the monitoring of key vitals.

Cost savings are always a primary concern for developers.  The AM57x processor portfolio has extreme scalability, which gives medical device creators the option to develop a solution that requires either one or two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, and one or two C66x DSP cores, at a variety of performances, thus allowing a plethora of vitals to be monitored at once at a cost-efficient price.  The scalability of Sitara provides a wide variety of price points, allowing designers to choose a processor that gives them the best bang for their buck, while maintaining a consistent hardware platform.


The medical device industry will benefit from  -the seamless mix of scalability, cost-efficiency, performance, and connectivity from TI’s new Sitara AM57x processor family.   It is clear that these processors are a strong embedded processing solution for an incredibly complex, yet obtainable patient monitoring platform for both in-hospital and remote advanced monitoring systems.

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