TIDUEI1C November   2018  – April 2020


  1.   Revision History

Revision History

Changes from B Revision (July 2019) to C Revision

  • Changed Figure 2: IWR6843AOPEVMGo

Changes from A Revision (June 2019) to B Revision

  • Changed title from "Area scanner using mmWave reference design" to "Area Scanner Using mmWave Sensor With Integrated Antenna-On-Package Reference Design"Go
  • Changed "IWR6843AOP" to "IWR6843AOPEVM"Go
  • Added "The IWR6843 antenna-on-package variant of mmWave sensors enables reduced design and manufacturing costs, simplified system design, smaller sensor footprint, and eventually faster time to market."Go
  • Added "Range of 0 m to 10 m" Go
  • Changed "a field of view up to 120°" to "An azimutha field of view (FOV) up to 120° if using the IWR6843ISK"Go
  • Changed "and range of 0 m to 10 m" to "A 130° FOV in both azimuth and elevation if using the IWR6843AOP"Go

Changes from * Revision (November 2018) to A Revision

  • Changed SK evaluation module (EVM) to MMWave sensorGo
  • Added IWR6843AOPEVM tool folderGo
  • Changed IWR-6843ISK to IWR6843ISKGo
  • Changed AOP image to show AOP ES2Go
  • Added IWR6843AOP descriptionGo
  • Added IWR6843 ISK: Go
  • Changed Field of view detail informationGo
  • Added specificationsGo
  • Added highlighted products introductionGo
  • Changed IWR6843ISK +MMWAVEICBOOST to IWR6843ISK or IWR6843AoP EVMGo
  • Deleted MMWAVEICBOOST are part of mmWave EVMs hardware. The boards combine to form the IWR6843 Industrial starter kit from Texas Instruments, an easy-to-use evaluation module for the IWR6843 mmWave sensing device. This board contains a 60-GHz mmWave Radar transceiver, in which antennas are etched and act as a radar front-end board.Go
  • Deleted paragraphGo
  • Added MMWAVEICBOOST subsectionGo
  • Deleted System Design Theory descriptionGo
  • Changed Operation descriptionGo
  • Deleted Industrial mmWave Starter Kit (IWR6843 EVM)Go
  • Changed "5-V, 3.0-A power supply for the IWR6843 EVM" to "If using MMWAVEICBOOST, a 5-V, 3.0-A power supply"Go
  • Added Testing and Results descriptionGo
  • Changed Software Files textGo