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In Home Theater and Entertainment designs such as AV receivers, soundbars, and smart speakers, an audio ADC is used to digitize audio from analog microphones or line inputs. The analog audio signal is converted to digital, where the signal can be processed by various immersive sound algorithms like surround sound, room correction, compression, reverberation, dynamic gain, and equalization. The processed audio can then be played back through speakers or headphones.

The PCM1822 is a Texas Instruments Burr-Brown™ high-performance, low-power, stereo-channel, simultaneous sampling, audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with flexible audio interface selectable with a hardware pin. The PCM1822 is designed for premium-quality audio applications.

GUID-20230314-SS0I-MRQH-JFWT-R2VG1H7QBNNG-low.svg Simplified Block Diagram

Performance Optimized for Various Home Theater Systems

  • Soundbars often have built-in microphones for voice control. The PCM1822 features digital filters to suppress background noise to prevent false activations. The integrated high-pass filter (HPF) in PCM1822 removes the DC bias of the signal from microphone.
  • Smart Speakers feature the ability to perform various functions based on voice commands. The PCM1822 features a dynamic range enhancer (DRE) for recording voice commands, both in quiet and loud environments with 117-dB dynamic range and –95-dB THD+N.
  • AV receivers have a line input port for analog audio stream. The PCM1822 allows for differential or single-ended connection to the line input sources. The PCM1822 provides for an easy hardware pin-level mode selection and can be powered from a single supply of 3.3 V, making the PCM1822 an excellent choice for cost-sensitive, space-constrained audio subsystems.
Burr-Brown™ Audio ADCs for Home Theater and Entertainment
ADC Part Number Dynamic Range Input Type Input Full-Scale Range Resolution Sampling Rate Supported Package
PCM1822 117 dB Differential and Single-ended 1 VRMS 32-bit 192 kHz 9 mm2 WQFN package
PCM1821 106 dB Differential 2 VRMS 32-bit 192 kHz 9 mm2 WQFN package
PCM1820 123 dB Differential 2 VRMS 32-bit 192 kHz 9 mm2 WQFN package

For additional assistance, ask questions to TI audio engineers on the TI E2E™ Audio Support Forum.