SLAAE21 April   2021 DAC43701 , DAC43701-Q1 , DAC53701 , DAC53701-Q1


  1.   Design Objective
  2.   Design Description
  3.   Design Notes
  4.   Design Simulations
    1.     Transient Simulation Results
  5.   Register Settings
  6.   Pseudo Code Example
  7.   Design Featured Devices
  8.   Design References

Design Objective

Key Input ParameterKey Output SignalRecommended Device
0-V to 5.5-V analog input, programmable triangular waveformPulse-width modulation (PWM) outputDAC53701, DAC43701, DAC53701-Q1, DAC43701-Q1

Objective: Translate digital inputs to a variable duty cycle PWM output.