SLLA579 January   2022 ISOUSB211


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1PCB Trace Insertion Loss and Inter-Symbol Interference
  3. 2Transmitter Pre-Emphasis and Receiver Equalizer
  4. 3Selecting an Optimal Pre-emphasis for Your System
  5. 4Eye-Diagrams for 6 inch to 4 feet Traces with all Nine Pre-Emphasis Settings for USB 2.0 Near-end Eye-mask
  6. 5Eye-Diagrams for 6 inch to 4 feet Traces and 5m Cable with all Nine Pre-emphasis Settings for USB 2.0 Far-end Eye-mask
  7. 6Using Receiver Equalizer and Transmitter Pre-emphasis for Channel Loss Compensation Simultaneously
  8. 7Summary


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