SLLT214 March   2022 ISOUSB111 , ISOUSB211


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Example: Provide High-Voltage Protection and
Enhanced Signal Integrity for USB 2.0 Interface Systems

What do Isolated USB Repeaters Provide?

  • Reinforced and basic isolation options (5700VRMS/300VRMS PER UL 1577)
  • Compliance with the low-speed, full-speed, and high-speed USB 2.0 standard
  • Built-in high-speed test mode that is required for end-equipment USB 2.0 compliance tests
  • Built-in equalizer and pre-emphasis for channel loss compensation
  • Support Charging Downstream Port (CDP) advertising, role-reversing, and auto speed detection
  • Support sleep power management state
  • Meets CISPR32 Class B radiated emissions

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Recommended Parts

Part Number Isolated USB2.0 Speed Features Application
ISOUSB211DP Reinforced Low/Full/High Equalizer and pre-emphasis, support HS test mode, auto speed detection, role-reversal, CPD advertising, and SSOP-28 package

Factory automation and control:
Programmable logic controller, Industrial PC.

Motor drive:
Servo motor drive, AC Inverter

Patient monitor, CPA machine

Grid infrastructure:
Data concentrator, UPS

Test and measurement:
Semiconductor tester, Instrumentation

ISOUSB211BDP Basic Low/Full/High
ISOUSB111DW Reinforced Low/Full Auto speed detection, role-reversal, CPD advertising, and SOIC-16 package
ISOUSB111BDW Basic Low/Full
ISOUSB111DWX Reinforced Low/Full Auto speed detection, role-reversal, CPD advertising, and SSOP-16 package
ISOUSB111BDWX Basic Low/Full