SLVA934A November   2017  – May 2020 TPS2660


  1.   Fault Handling Using TPS2660 eFuse
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Introduction
    3. 2 Fault Status Monitoring Using TPS2660 eFuse
    4. 3 Fault Status Monitoring During Reverse Input Supply Connection
    5. 4 Suggested Fault Handling Methods
    6. 5 Conclusion
  2.   Revision History

Fault Handling Using TPS2660 eFuse

The TPS2660 eFuse provides integrated protection to various system faults such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short-circuit, and reverse input polarity protection. Integrated reverse input polarity protection helps to protect electronic systems from reverse input supply due to miswiring. This application note describes methods to handle the fault of the TPS2660 by downstream circuits under a reverse input polarity condition.