SLVUCJ0 December   2022


  1.   TPS929160EVM User's Guide
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1What You Get
  4. 2What You Need In Addition
  5. 3How to Get Started
    1. 3.1 Hardware Setup
      1. 3.1.1 Communication without CAN Transceiver
      2. 3.1.2 Communication with CAN Transceiver
    2. 3.2 Software Installation
      1. 3.2.1 Run Applications Through Online
      2. 3.2.2 Run Applications on Desktop
    3. 3.3 Firmware Update
    4. 3.4 GUI Function
      1. 3.4.1 Connection Status
      2. 3.4.2 LED Control Page
      3. 3.4.3 Diagnostics Page
      4. 3.4.4 EEPROM Programming Page
      5. 3.4.5 Registers Page
      6. 3.4.6 Debug Page
  6. 4Board Layout
    1. 4.1 Schematic
    2. 4.2 BOM
  7. 5Revision History

TPS929160EVM User's Guide

This user's guide describes the setup and use of the TPS929160EVM evaluation module (EVM). This EVM helps the user evaluate the features of the Texas Instruments TPS929160-Q1, which is an automotive 16-channel LED driver with FlexWire interface, to address increasing needs of individual control of each LED string. This document includes hardware setup instructions, software instructions, a schematic diagram, a bill of materials and printed-circuit board layout drawings.


Hot surface! Contact may cause burns. Do not touch!

Some components may reach high temperatures >55°C when the board is powered on. The user must not touch the board at any point during operation or immediately after operating, as high temperatures may be present.