SLVUCN6 February   2023 TPS274C65


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  4. 3Features
  5. 4Applications
  6. 5Introduction
  7. 6TPS274C65 Configurator Software
    1. 6.1 Software Usage
    2. 6.2 Header File
  8. 7Hardware Design Files
    1. 7.1 Schematics
    2. 7.2 PCB Layouts
  9. 8Bill of Materials (BOM)
  10. 9Additional Information
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The TPS274C65EVM is an application level evaluation module made to showcase the powerful power delivery features of the TPS274C65 industrial high-side switch. The TPS274C65EVM is meant to mimic a real-world industrial end-application and thus comes with features such as an integrated TM4C ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller, digital isolation, multiple high-side switches connected to the MCU via SPI, and compact layout design with limited test-points.