SLYA073 December   2022 CC1312R , DRV5032 , TMAG5273


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2Evaluation Platform Overview
    1. 2.1 Top-Side Board Overview
    2. 2.2 Bottom-Side Board Overview
  5. 3Testing and Results
    1. 3.1 Testing Setup Overview
    2. 3.2 Accelerometer Event Testing Results
  6. 4Summary
  7. 5References


Magnetic field sensors and switches are one of the cornerstones of any residential or commercial security system. These devices are used in door and window sensors, as well as many other applications such as tamper detection. Reed switches are a common design in this end equipment, but the simplicity of the device does not come without pitfalls. This document introduces a magnetic field sensor and switch evaluation platform that can be used to showcase the performance of Hall-effect sensors over the reed switch in building security applications. This document provides an overview of a new platform that can be used to evaluate TI's Hall-effect sensors and switches against the commonly-used Reed switch.