TIDT253 January   2022


  1.   Description
  2.   Features
  3.   Applications
  4. 1Test Prerequisites
    1. 1.1 Key System Requirements
  5. 2Testing and Results
    1. 2.1 Sensed VCR and Output Voltage Ripple Under Different Loads
    2. 2.2 Control Loop Bode Plot Comparison
    3. 2.3 Transient Response Test
    4. 2.4 References


This reference design demonstrates a hybrid hysteresis control (HHC) method, a kind of current-mode control method, on half-bridge LLC stage with a C2000 F28004x microcontroller. The hardware is based on TIDA-010062, which is 1-kW, 80 Plus titanium, GaN CCM totem pole bridgeless PFC and half-bridge LLC reference design. A separated sensing card is added for hybrid hysteresis control, which recreates the voltage on the resonant capacitor. This test result shows better transient response and ease-of-control loop design, compared with the single-loop voltage mode control method (VMC).