TIDUD31B May   2017  – September 2019


  1.   Revision History

Revision History

Changes from A Revision (April 2018) to B Revision

  • Added Additionally, the IWR1843 and IWR6843 devices are also supported, giving the option for 3D object detection. Enabling 3D detection can improve robustness and accuracy of tracking with the ability to filter detected points based on elevation information. Go
  • Added tool folderGo
  • Added tool folderGo
  • Deleted IWR1642Go
  • Changed "76 GHz to 77 GHz" to "up to 4 GHz"Go
  • Deleted IWR1642 withGo
  • Deleted IWR1642 based on 77 GHzGo
  • Added "The reference design provides test results and examples using the IWR1642BOOST EVM. The design has been further extended to enable traffic monitoring applications on IWR6843 and IWR1843 devices with the additional capability of 3D detection and tracking."Go
  • Deleted 76 GHz to 81Go
  • Added 4 GHz bandwidthGo
  • Changed "IWR1642" to "mmWave sensors"Go
  • Added "as an example of traffic monitoring capabilities using mmWave sensor. For details on enabling traffic monitoring applications on either the IWR6843 or IWR1843 devices refer to: Section 5.2 . The design considerations and enabled features in this document apply across all EVM platforms."Go
  • Added For 2 Tx antenna TDM-MIMO, phase compensation needs to be done for the antenna samples received from the 2nd Tx antenna, Go
  • Added is the Doppler index for the detected object, and N is the length of Doppler FFT. Go
  • Changed "[INSTALL_PATH]\labs" to "[TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH]\labs\traffic_monitoring" Go
  • Added new section "Enabling Support for IWR6843 and IWR1843 Devices"Go

Changes from * Revision (May 2017) to A Revision

  • Changed Range from 120 to 180 mGo
  • Added Link To End Equipment PageGo
  • Updated to properly describe current CFAR implementationGo
  • Deleted R4F sectionGo
  • Changed to increase detail in angle estimation description.Go
  • Removed Clustering and Tracking, Added High Level Processing Section Go
  • Added Group Tracker SectionGo
  • Added Configuration Parameters Section. These parameters are updated to reflect TM 2.0Go
  • Added ARM R4F Processing TimeGo
  • Removed in depth TLV description.Go
  • Added Radial Velocity Extension SupportGo
  • Changed Section 6 changed to reflect new testing details and results.Go
  • Added Section 7.Go