TIDUDW4A January   2019  – May 2020 CC2640R2F , TMP117


  1.   Revision History

Revision History

Changes from * Revision (January 2019) to A Revision

  • Changed board layout image reflecting new patch designGo
  • Changed text to reflect new patch layoutGo
  • Changed image to reflect new patch designGo
  • Deleted the following images: Setup for Programming of the Patch; Reading From the Patch. Only the Patch and a Smart phone are Required; Current Consumption Testing Setup.Power Analyzer Used to Supply3-V Power to Patches Under Test; Test Setup for Temperature Accuracy Testing of the TMP117FlexPatch; Stirred Liquid Baths Provide Very Uniform Thermal EnvironmentsGo
  • Changed testsGo
  • Added WCSP (YBG) Package and WSON (DRV) Package sectionsGo
  • Changed image: TMP117AIYBGR layout as it appears in PCB Editor. The TMP117 is located on the skin side of the patch. All vias have at least 30 mil clearance from the edge of stiffener on the topside of the boardGo