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Featured Video:
Featured Video 1
RF Range Test in South Africa – can you go farther than 25km?
Watch the range expansion of the C112x RF transceiver as the Low Power RF team is in Cape Town, South Africa, to take the kit to the test.
Featured Video 2
SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3000 element14 Ultimate Road Test Winner Video
The toy is remotely controlled via Wi-Fi and each element is controlled separately using the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 and MSP430FR5739 ultra-low power MCU.

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Hardware & Software
SmartRF Studio 7 version 1.10.0
Brief description:
  •  Added support for CC2545
  •  CC112x: Added parameter for "Performance mode"
  •  CC11xx: Handling of fixed packet length when using TrxEB added
  •  CC430: MSP430.dll updated to version
  •  Several bug fixes. See revision history for details

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New PurePath Wireless FW 1.4.0 released with the following updates:
  •  Lower latency (down to 10.6 msec for mono applications). Perfect for Microphones and single channel applications (subwoofers) that requires below 16 msec latency.
  •  2 Mbit mode for selected configuration. ~5dB improvement in sensitivity over standard 5Mbit mode. 2 channels with SLAC only. Perfect for speaker and headphone applications that needs the extended range.
  •  Extensive frequency planning in the 2.4GHz band (static and dynamic).
  •  Configurable analog and digital input silence detection (for enhanced power control)
  •  Protocol master synchronization (for applications exceeding the normal 4 channels / 4 slaves limitation). Example: Full 5.1 wireless home theater system.
  •  Enhanced support for remote control functionality (mouse, keyboard). Example use-case: Remote control with microphone for speech recognition
A detailed list of all new features and changes, please refer to the configurator change log.

The User Guide is updated to reflect these new features and changes while more and useful information also can be found in the configurator help system.

You can download the new configurator here

And the updated User Guide here

PurePath Wireless Audio: New EHIF library source code and example available

New code examples and source library for the entire EHIF interface for MSP430 and other host controllers

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Technical Documents
New Design Note DN039 – Matched Integrated Passive Component for 868 / 915 MHz operation with the CC112x, CC117x & CC12xx high performance radio series

With the Matched Integrated Passive Component (IPC); the component count is significantly reduced whilst still obtaining high radio performance. The existing discrete solution requires 13 components for the RF Front End filter and IPC replaces these 13 discrete components with a single component.

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CC112x IPC 868/915 MHz 4-Layer Reference Design Rev 1.0
4-layer reference design based on the CC112x and its IPC.
For more information click here
CC112x IPC 868/915 MHz 2-Layer Reference Design Rev 1.0

2-layer reference design based on the CC112x and its IPC

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Other News
Webinar: Developing custom Bluetooth low energy profiles

Join us September 13 for this free online developer webinar sponsored by the Bluetooth SIG and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Go beyond the standard Bluetooth low energy profiles to make your product unique. We’ll walk through how to develop a proprietary Bluetooth low energy profile, demonstrate example code and implementation, and provide a overview of TI’s Bluetooth low energy solutions and BLE-stack.

  • Introduction to TI’s Bluetooth low energy solutions and BLE-Stack
  • Ordering a kit and downloading TI’s BLE-stack
  • How to develop a proprietary profile
  • Example code and implementation of a proprietary profile

Click here for more information and to register

Enter to win USD$5,000 and become the Wearable Technoloiges Innovator of the year!

Innovation World Cup 2012 The Innovation World Cup 2012 has now kicked-off and is this year focusing on the best products, applications and ideas for Wearable Technologies. During the competition TI is offering a 50% discount to the first 200 registrants who choose to work with one of our featured kits; CC85XXDK-HEADSET, CC2540DK-Mini, CC2530ZDK-ZNP-Mini, CC110L RF Booster Pack, and the eZ430-RF256x
So hurry up and register for a chance to win USD$5,000 and become the Wearable Technoloiges Innovator of the year!

For more information go to www.ti.com/innovationworldcup

CC2540 Bluetooth low energy SoC used in Monbaby monitor

Monbaby is a baby health monitor, a real-time wireless sensor designed specifically for babies and their parents. Unlike existing products on the market that send alerts when baby stops moving, Monbaby warns parents if the baby has turned around and is sleeping on its stomach, giving parents plenty of time to go and turn baby face up. Monbaby uses Bluetooth low energy for its wireless data transmission was designed with adopted health care profiles of Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart), therefore any Bluetooth low energy compatible devices can be used as the data receiver. For example, iPhone, Android phones, PC with a BLE dongle or a monitoring watch could receive BLE signals.

Monbaby utilizes Texas Instruments’ CC2540 System-on-Chip because of its power and versatility. “For the Monbaby sensor to measure signals from an uncooperative baby, we needed a chip that would have sufficient computational power to filter out the noise and process the signal. To transmit the processed signal we needed Bluetooth low energy. TI’s CC2540 offered a unique combination of both, a powerful MCU with BLE functionality,” says Dr. Arturas Vaitaitis, Monbaby founder.

CC2540 Bluetooth low energy SoC used in Monbaby monitor

For more information go to remnart.com/monbaby/

For more information on the CC2540 go to www.ti.com/product/cc2540

The Swivl personal cameraman utilizes the CC8520 PurePath Wireless audio to deliver crystal clear audio

The Swivl is a camera stand that is able to track a object or person, making it a perfect personal cameraman. The Swivl is relying on the CC8520 for the wireless digital microphone inside the marker allowing users to capture high quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection. This enables the user to capture the audio they want, even in noisy environments.

For more information please visit www.swivl.com/

For information on the CC8520 go to www.ti.com/product/cc8520

Get advanced functionality with addition of 8 new CC430 devices

Get increased battery life and advanced functionality with addition of 8 new CC430 devices with significantly lower standby current consumption. The new additions to the CC430 family feature standby power modes (with state retention) as low as 1µA as well as a 10-bit ADC and, as with all members of the CC430 family, an integrated AES-128 module for secure transmission.

Element14 and TI Announce Winner of “The Ultimate Road Test” featuring MSP430 and SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000

It was a difficult choice, given the quality of our competitors and the innovative solutions they put forward using TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 and MSP430 FRAM Experimenter Board. We were intrigued by John Tiernan’s “Nice Asgard Project”; the ability to set the perfect atmosphere for watching a film with a minimum of fuss is an excellent application of home automation technologies.

View the video here

Enhancing AMR/AMI communications with Sub-1 GHz RF CC112x Performance Line devices

Meeting the market’s most stringent RF requirements, TI’s CC112x provides industry-leading ability to filter out other RF sources. For developers and consumers, this translates into end products with robust and reliable wireless links that are resistant to disturbances from other wireless systems in a device’s surroundings. The sub-1 GHz RF performance line family today consists of the CC1120, CC1121, and CC1125 transceivers and the CC1175 transmitter.

Explore TI’s full gas/water/flow meter design and support solution

TI Technology Days coming to a city near you!
Texas Instruments Technology Days 2012 TI Tech Days provide a learning forum for design engineers where practical high-performance solutions, tools and workshops are presented for analog and digital technologies. The exhibits demonstrate the latest TI technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with a number of Texas Instruments experts and gain valuable ideas for solving your technical challenges!
Upcoming events:
Europe: Birmingham, UK- September 4, Innovation Day- Paris, France- September 24
India: Delhi- September 6-7
Americas: Boston, MA- September 25
China: Shenzen- September 17, Shanghai- September-19
Vancouver, Canada, October 3
Milwaukee, October 16

Visit www.ti.com/techdays for a complete list of our Technology Days worldwide.

Meet TI Smart Grid Experts at:
Metering Billing/CRM Europe 2012
October 9-11, 2012 – Amsterdam
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