Limpiadores de fluctuación de reloj

Employ SiGe and BAW tech to craft jitter cleaners for high-speed communication, data converter clocking, and timing-sensitive applications

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Achieve superior performance with our selection of clock jitter cleaners, renowned for their minimal phase noise and adherence to JESD204B standards. By employing internal phased-locked loops (PLLs), these devices efficiently reduce phase noise and jitter within your system. Harnessing our advanced bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology, our products enable seamless fulfillment of demanding system-level requirements in high-speed telecommunication, industrial, and space applications. With user-friendly operation and extensive configurability, our jitter cleaners offer versatility, featuring multiple output options of up to 16 outputs.

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Jitter cleaners with JESD204 support

Clock high-speed data converters, AFE and FPGA with JESD204

Improve noise performance with integrated BAW VCO

Achieve improved phase-noise performance using our jitter cleaners with integrated bulk-acoustic-wave (BAW) voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs)

Space and high reliability

Operate in space, harsh and automotive environments with radiation-hardened, extended-temperature and automotive grade devices

Limpiadores de fluctuación de reloj

Limpiador de fluctuación de reloj de bucle dual JESD204B y JESD204C de 3.2 GHz y ruido ultrabajo aut

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Learn more about TI clock jitter cleaners and BAW technology

Space products for critical designs

Our radiation-hardened clocking solutions solve clocking requirements for radio-frequency front ends and data processing.

Building on our 60 years of expertise in the space market, our radiation-hardened systems knowledge can help you meet your mission-critical design requirements and achieve space-grade certification faster, from low earth orbit to deep-space missions.

In addition to the traditional radiation-hardened ceramic (QML-V) packages we also offer products in

  • Radiation-hardened plastic (QML-P) packages with SEL ≥65MeV⋅cm2/mg and TID ≥100krad (Si)
  • Radiation-tolerant plastic (space EP) with SEL ≥43MeV⋅cm2/mg and TID ≥30krad (Si)
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Technical article
How Space Enhanced Products Address Challenges in low Earth orbit Applications (Rev. A)
Learn how our space-enhanced product qualification process addresses challenges and removes the needfor high-risk and resource-intensive upscreening methods.
Featured products for Radiation hardened
LMX2615-SP ACTIVO Sintetizador de banda ancha de 40 MHz a 15 GHz con sincronización de fase y soporte JESD204B, de gra
LMK04832-SP ACTIVO Limpiador de fluctuaciones de reloj de 3.2 GHz y 15 salidas con protección contra la radiación (RHA)
Nuevo LMX1906-SP ACTIVO Búfer, multiplicador y divisor de 15 GHz con protección contra la radiación (RHA), con señal SYSREF

High-performance synchronizers and RF synthesizers

Our clocking portfolio spans from clock-distribution solutions to high-performance network synchronizers and RF synthesizers.

  • Supports JESD204B and JESD204C applications by providing phase-synchornized clocking and SYSREF signals to data converters, field-programmable gate arrays and systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) 
  • IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) software provides full timing support with 1pps signal deviation ±2ns that meets Class D performance for ITU-T profiles and partial timing support, less than ±1µs with PDVs in excess of 230µs
User guide
How to Phase Synchronize Multiple LMX2820 Devices
The LMX2820 is one of the RF synthesizers in our product portfolio that can support phase synchronization
Application note
ITU-T G.8262 Compliance Test Results for the LMK5C33216
Application report for ITU-T G.8262 compliance test 
JESD204B and JESD204C reference design
Multi-channel RF transceiver, low-noise clocking reference design for radar and EW applications
Featured products for IEEE 1588 and PTP
LMK05318B ACTIVO Reloj sincronizador de red monocanal de fluctuación ultrabaja con BAW
LMK5B33216 ACTIVO Sincronizador de red de 16 salidas, 3 DPLL y APLL, con VCO de onda acústica masiva de 2.5 GHz integr

Improved jitter performance advantages

BAW technology ultra-low jitter performance meets the stringent clocking requirements of 800Gbps and 1.6TBps Ethernet-based networks and 5G/6G wireless infrastructure applications.

  • Voltage-controlled BAW oscillator (VBCO): Our network synchronizers incorporate BAW technology as a VCO that provide at least a 20dB advantage over traditional LC-tuned VCOs and resulting in clocks with <50fs jitter performance. 
  • BAW reference clock: Our BAW-based oscillators and clock generators provide a clean clocking source to meet the stringent bit error rate requirements for EtherCAT, Serdes, PCIe, and ASIC/FPGA clocking.
Application note
How to use the LMK05318 as a jitter cleaner
This application report outlines two methods of how to clean input jitter with the LMK05318.
Application note
ITU-T G.8262 Compliance Test Results for the LMK5C33216
This application report details compliance of the LMK5C33216 to the ITU-T G.8262 (timing characteristics of a synchronous Ethernet equipment slave clock) standard.
Featured products for Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW)
LMK6P ACTIVO Oscilador de ondas acústicas masivas (BAW) de baja fluctuación, alto rendimiento y frecuencia fija,
LMK5B33216 ACTIVO Sincronizador de red de 16 salidas, 3 DPLL y APLL, con VCO de onda acústica masiva de 2.5 GHz integr
Nuevo LMK5C33414A ACTIVO 3 DPLL, 3 APLL, sincronizador de red de 4 entradas y 14 salidas con JESD204B/C y BAW VCO

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More literature
Total Ionizing Dose and Single Event Effects Test Results of LMK04832-SP
Learn more about the ELDRS characterization and Single-event effects. Single-event upset (SEU) and Radiation lot acceptance (RLAT) data is also available.
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White paper
White paper
TI BAW technology enables ultra-low jitter clocks for high-speed networks
Learn how to use the LMK05318 synchronizer with BAW technology to reduce phase noise, and root-mean-square jitter and eliminate the need for a high-frequency low-noise temperature-compensated or oven-controlled crystal oscillator.
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Application note
Application note
112G and 224G PAM-4 SerDes Clocking for Rapid Data Center Switches
Learn about the advantages of using ultra-high performance clock synchronizers to generate reference clocks needed for high-speed serial links.
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